Linguistic Immersion


We collaborate with specialized and highly praised firms in this field to offer you an ambitious and diverse number of language programmes overseas.

Get a complete immersion abroad in multiple destinies such as New Zealand, Malta, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, Canada , The United States and…. More.

Choose the most suitable courses according to your requirements for lodging, duration , type of programme which you want to study and destiny. We are in charge of arranging everything, even the home-stay accommodation, student residences or shared houses.

We design your course according to your linguistic needs: oral fluency, pronunciation, preparation of exams ( Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, …) , business English, vocabulary , grammar, … etc. A service offered either to individuals , professionals and enterprises, or language teachers, with tutorials or group classes.

Linguistic Immersion
Summer courses
Linguistic Immersion

Group travel from 10 years old, with monitors accompanying them. Everything organized and with multiple destinies available. Enjoy different activities and excursions learning English the way you prefer: in reduced groups, with students from different countries or with an individual teacher.

Language courses abroad
Linguistic Immersion

From 16 years old, you can improve your second language enjoying a unique experience at the same time. In secondary schools, residences, families or the teacher’s house. Multiple destinies. Besides enjoy different activities and excursions which will help you socialize and know the countries of destination.

Courses for all the family
Linguistic Immersion

In order to get the most out of family holiday. Travel abroad and immerse yourself in the culture of the country you choose. Adapted courses to every member of the family to achieve further progress.

Courses for professionals and enterprises
Linguistic Immersion

General English or business English addressed to those professionals with specific needs or the ones who need rapid progress in the language.

School year abroad
Linguistic Immersion

Would you like to live one of your best years? Choose your destiny among countries like the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Switzerland or Germany. Enrol the academic year overseas with a total immersion in the target language validating it in Spain on your return. Accommodation with families or at the best schools.


Learn English in a multinational environment without travelling abroad!!!! If you are too young or you are not still ready to travel to another country, this is your best option.

Morning activities focused on the development of oral communication through workshops, games, activities and excursions. Available courses by weekly periods.

You will stay at student residences, universities or luxurious hotels with all the comforts within your reach and excellent meals service adapted to all types of diets.

English camps in Spain

In multinational environments with English classes, activities and excursions.By weekly periods, staying at the best schools. And for the little ones at home, in the mornings from Monday to Friday they go to English classes and enjoy different workshops and games.

Linguistic Immersion

Would you like your children to learn a language in Summer?

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