Box in- Company: In-company language courses

In Learning Box we have the best language courses tailored to suit your needs and the ones of your company, adapted to the linguistic needs of your company and your sector. Our training programmes are flexible and meet your preferences either in relation to duration, frequency, timetable or location. We put our facilities at your service or move to yours.

We count on an experienced team of teachers in training at all levels who determine the targets to cover all the needs of every member of your firm and carry out a customized follow-up.

Our training solutions are aimed at achieving the linguistic aptitudes and the skills to develop your professional activity successfully.

Tripartite FoundationReimbursable courses through the training credits of the Tripartite Foundation for the Employment Training plan. We arrange and conduct everything in order to reimburse training.

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Box in- Company training offer

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Intensive General Box

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One-to-one Business

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Courses designed to improveyour linguistic skills in the context of your professional activity. With fitted topics focused on covering the specific needs of your firm.

Courses designed to improve the four basic skills of communication: reading, writing, listening comprehension with a solid base on Grammar and vocabulary.

A course oriented towards the improvement and perfection of the language intensively. Aimed at those professionals who search for an important progress in their linguistic skills.

Private tutoring for managers aimed at the marked goals, with different possible points of view: strategy, marketing, human resources, leadership skills, …

Aimed at professionals with specific needs or in need of very fast progress in the target language. Multiple destinies: England, Ireland, The United States, Canada ,… Ask for information.

Reinforcement classes of speaking and listening to attain a fluent conversation in our professional environment with vocabulary related to your sector and firm.

In Learning Box the services we offer are:

  • Translations of texts: general documents, manuals, press releases, etc.
  • Translations of sales or Marketing: leaflets, publications, presentations, memorandums, etc.
  • Legal translations: work contracts, judicial sentences or decisions, etc.
  • Technical translations: Catalogues, market researches, audit reports, financial reports, etc.
  • Certified translations: titles and diplomas, certificates, etc.
  • Revision and correction of texts.

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I need a quote. What data do you need?

In order to calculate an orientative estimate of training for firms, we will need to know at least these details: number of students, objectives of the course, duration, location of your firm, current level of the students. Send this information through the following contact form.

Which are the means and terms of payment?

The accepted means of payment are bank transfer or cash. The payment of 100% of the cost of the course must be effected before starting the course. In case of applying for the reimbursement of the Tripartite Foundation , the payment will be carried out at least a week before the start of the course.

Can I change the dates of the course?

In the proposal for training the dates and hours of the course will be indicated. These dates cannot be modified once the course has started, please, make sure of checking your employees’ agenda before confirming the dates of the course.

Can my employees accomplish the Cambridge exams?

In Learning Box we manage the registration of the workers you wish in the official exams which are held at the examination centres. Let us know it and we will register them for the official exam.

Where are the courses taught?

We make our facilities available or move to yours for greater comfort.


Ask for information in the following form, calling 956 65 36 08/630 24 86 98

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